Robochop: future of our industry?

People talked a lot when 3D printing came into the fore.

We could easily establish whole industries using one machine – that too local to the consumer. 3D printing certainly has its uses, but is constrained by the material it can use. The size of the finished product is limited to what the printer can do. You could produce parts that can be assembled after the printer finishes its job, but more such innovations are yet to be realized.

If you are the “live in today” type, all hope is not lost if you want to be served by our robot overlords. Robochop may be just the answer you were looking for.

robochop the future of industry

From March 16-20, internet users anywhere on the globe can use two robots to sculpt anything on a 40X40X40 cube through 2 robots. Part of the demonstration in CeBit 2015, these robots also go a long way in establishing the effectiveness and ease of instructions required by the human operator.

You design anything unique through the Robochop app. The robot picks up the high density foam cube and cuts it to shape on a hot wire. The sculpting process is automatic, but your design needs to be manually approved. You could make a stool, a small chair, or anything abstract. The finished product will be shipped to you at no cost provided you are on earth.

design prroduct on your own using robochop app

Future of CNC? Future of our industries? You can bet on it. The CNC machines of today require very precise instructions and whole engineering disciplines are based on that.

While the cube that you design may not have many practical applications, the technology demonstration goes a long way in establishing credibility of what can be achieved today and now.

Imagine a world where any human operator can do designs assisted by an easy-to-use computer program/app. You have considerably less manual intervention, reduced man power requirements, more efficiencies, and a quicker process.

We can then start populating Mars with all the man power that we don’t need here on earth.

Within the 5 days of CeBit, the two robots will process some 2000 cubes. So, you better hurry up if you want your design to be picked for the products.

Head over to Robochop website to start your design.

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