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See the first part of this article to check on how libraries help you. But I do understand libraries are not for everyone – for starters, you may not want to feel the pressure of committing to read something in a finite time. For others, it is just filling up the books till you can actually feel the knowledge transferring directly to the brain! So here are a few more options.

2. Become a deal-hunter

This is for the people who want to feel the pages, smell the smell and see the decay of books in their shelves. Physical books are the reason for the earlier mentioned libraries to continue their survival (though they may change avatars later). Books are not cheap, they are exhorbitantly priced sometimes. But if you are willing to wait for the opportune moment, you get it for much less.

Flipkart deserves to find the first mention. Hardly called innovation on the global stage but continuing strongly with good delivery model in India, Flipkart should be a good website to check on book bargains. Often on sale and offering better deals, your wait can result in some good money savings while reading some fantastic books.

The king of books is here, and boy, do they rock. Amazon has a really good selection of books, and often has the right deals to go with it.

Of course, the downside of hunting for bargains is just that – you always do not get what you want in your hunt. But hey, you do end up saving a bunch of cash.

3. Embrace the future – eBooks!

If you are all ready to move on to the next generation, check out eBooks. A lot of books nowadays get published in the digital format, and that often costs much less than the printed version. Apart from the feel-good factor of saving nature, you also get the flexibility of reading through your desktop, tablet or your phone. If you are a really serious reader, you will invest in a good tablet (not necessarily Kindle) and carry that everywhere with literally thousands of books! ebooks

The first and only mention is of course With good many eBooks (both paid and free) available in Kindle editions, the eBooks are fun to read with excellent portability. Newer eBooks are lesser than their printed counterparts (but not significantly less), but that is slated only to get optimised further.

Have some other options to continue reading while saving money? Comment, and see it create an impact!

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