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Reading books is a fantastic habbit, and a topic worth its own book. But, we are not here to discuss that. Reading books (especially the new ones) will cost you money – a lot of money if you live in countries like mine (Though the situation is improving with the differential pricing).

So, how do you keep your hobby alive and kicking, but dont end up spending too much money? Read on for a few good options:

1. Libraries

I am not kidding. I am from Bangalore, where the public library system is as bad as any other. Although there are select libraries that fare average, they fall woefully short when you want new books of your liking (new = anything in the last decade). The all new, modern libraries are the real answer. There are quite a few options when it comes to Bangalore.

JustBooks comes first here since they were one of the first to start on the innovative path of making libraries available online in India and fully integrating technology while doing it. It may also have to do with the fact that I was a customer for more than 3 years. With membership fees starting from Rs. 200 per month (for 2 books at one time), and go up to Rs.4750 per year. You could go to the umpteen stores in your city, or choose to have the books home delivered (add Rs. 50 per delivery).

They have pretty good books, open to service across branches, courteous staff and a constantly refreshing library. My only complaint – not all branches are the same. They only have few options for book lovers (3 as of this article) and good luck with other sites if you don’t get aligned with one of them. JustBooks is expensive.

Librarywala has been on the book lending scene for quite a long time. You have to select the books online and they deliver the books at your doorstep. The plans start at Rs. 80 per month (1 book/month, 1 book at a time) till Rs. 3800 per year at the high end (12 books per month, 3 books at a time).

Inexpensive as compared to some of its competition, Librarywala’s downside is that you cannot just walk over to pick up books. That is a recreational activity by itself, and I miss only that.

  • Easylib [dead!]

Easylib has been here for more than a decade, and is still going strong. Cheapest of the three options listed here, but is considered active for Bangalore. The plans start from Rs. 150 per month (1 book, you can return and read any number of times) to Rs. 3000 per year (4 books + 2 magazines, beat that!). In the annual plan, 25 home-deliveries are included, you always have the option of visiting them in Koramangala.

The other option is to find a good private library near you. Koramangala has good many options, for the rest of mortals the above should work just fine.


Don’t really like libraries? You want to own books so that you have that cozy feeling of owning a piece of literature that defines the world? If you want to do that but still save money, look at the options in the second part of this post!

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