Share Kindle Notes to Specific People

I just love Kindle.

Not the device (that just wouldn’t be me), I love the app.

Kindle Reader for Android EVERYWHERE

I have used Kindle reader on my Android tablet(s) for a long time now. Kindle has a really well-done interface, understands multiple formats (MOBI, PDF, HTML and of course Amazon’s own AZW), and acts like a bookshelf in addition to being a reader for most of my books.

Using Kindle meant I could easily buy books for cheap on Amazon, get them wirelessly to my chosen tablet or phone, and read the books whenever I could. The coolest thing was of course that my books were synchronized amongst all my devices.

Even though I only use a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and a Phone, I cannot lay stress on how important it is for all of them to be in sync. I am not just talking about synchronizing the books – but everything including how much I have read, my ratings, highlights, and notes. I rate/comment the books within the app, and not worry about a thing in the world except to find more money to buy more books.

There is one thing that I miss dearly from Kindle – support for EPUB format. This was compensated by other readers (my favorite being FBReader), but you can be rest assured that Kindle was used as the defacto reader whenever I could.

Kindle has been good to me for the most part, but I am here to talk about the most recent coolest thing I have been doing on Kindle – share notes!


Share Highlights and Notes on Kindle – It’s a big deal

One of the amazing things on Amazon book store is the ability to share highlights and notes from the books that you read (or love). You can highlight phrases, paragraphs or anything that interests you in a book. You can keep those notes private to yourself, or make them public.

Kindle makes it easy to highlight/make notes while you are reading the book. These get synchronized with your Amazon account too. By sharing your comments and notes on specific lines and paragraphs, you are not only proving yourself as an avid book reader, but also opening up a window to connect to other like-minded people. Grow your own fan-base – people who want to know what you think about a particular book or view point.

You can also choose to help the author when you point out specifics in the book including typos, editorial mistakes, and other such silly stuff books occasionally have.

amazon kindle highlighted passage shared notes

Again, only this much of Kindle would not make a story.


Share Kindle Notes and Highlights to Specific People

Your notes and highlights on Kindle can be either private or public.

There is no way to share it with only the author, your friends, or to your cat. You could provide your id for them to read the notes, or provide a screenshot/image of your notes – but that is hardly useful 🙂

Enter Kindle for Desktop. I had installed this program on my Windows PC for a long time now. But it was only recently I could use it more effectively.

As some of you will understand, making notes on the tablet or phone is not a loved task unless you sharpen your fingers now and then. There are good Android keyboards out there that reduce the pain a bit, but none of them can solve the problem completely. The next best alternative was to edit them on Kindle website. I did not find that intuitive since I had to refer back to the book to know the context.

Kindle highlights and notes on amazon website





This is where Kindle desktop helped me the most. I could go over the notes that I had made earlier and make editorial changes. Just click on the link on Amazon to open the book at the specific location, and edit away all you want.

Kindle for PC Desktop


This trick can be extended to share your notes and highlights with specific people.

Just go to Kindle website, copy all your notes and highlights that are kept private (Select them, and do a Ctrl + C), and paste them in an email and send it away on the secret mission. The receiving person simply has to click on the link in the email, and voila – she can see the context of your note. Of course the receiving person should also have Kindle on her own desktop PC.


Did you find this useful? Do you have any such tricks up your sleeve? Why not share them in the comment?

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