Life is difficult.

Well, that’s how we perceive a lot of what we see around us.

Now, consider an endeavor where –

  • high investments and high risks are involved
  • you reach the pinnacle of technology and human achievement (in the physical world). This is hard to attain, considered advanced weaponry and may lead to whole nations dominating others
  • tight controls are put in place by the most powerful governments

Would you get out there to solve the problem?

Would you dare to dream of how you could change the world?

One man did.

source: wikipedia

Consider the achievements of SpaceX

  • Established in 2002
  • First rocket took off in 2006. That is in 4 years since establishing the company.
    Of course, SpaceX did not invent something new but piggy backed on existing technology, and experts, but that is a remarkable achievement.
    Of course, this is not a fairy tale. The first rocket failed, and so did the second. The rocket made it to space only in 2008 after a few more failures.
  • First rocket to geostationary orbit in 2013

That is a good $100 million cheaper as compared to their competition in the US. It is considered to be superior than even the next stages of Arian rockets planned for 2018 and 2021.

I am not here to sing paeans how Elon Musk is turning into a God for the entrepreneurial crowd. I am just talking about how human will can move stuff to space.

Do not accept the status quo.
There are always powerful players in any field. You could just accept for what they are and go about life, OR start thinking about how you could cause some disruption. There are always efficiencies to be had, difference to be made, and universes to be changed.
Rocket technology did not change much since the 60s, and SpaceX saw tremendous opportunities there.

No challenge is outside limits.
You are the only reason the limits exist. Once you start seeing a challenge for what it is and align your passion to conquering it, skies don’t bind you.
Never get bogged down by failures.
It is easy to fail. Failures do not mean dead-ends, but de-tours. Keep moving forward.
It was quite easy for SpaceX not to be started at all since failures in space are always ridiculously expensive. The first several attempts of Falcon 1 failures can be devastating – not for the will of humans involved, but the expenses of maintaining people, facilities and other resources.

Get inspired from the bigger picture.
SpaceX (and Musk) will not stop with successful re-entry of launch vehicles and the cheaper launches. They are already successful, are at cutting edge, and they have enough to  bask in glory and the money for quite sometime.
SpaceX is targeting Mars.
source: wikimedia
They want to to move people and establish colonies on Mars. Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule are just means towards that end.

“I’d like to die on Mars, just not on impact.”
– Elon Musk

All of this is not to inspire you to stop driving your taxi and jump to space ship design. Identify that one small thing that will cause a difference in your own life and invest one hour in furthering yourself for the the next month. The trip to Andromeda galaxy begins with that first hour.