Start meditating today – all it takes is simple breathing

I have written about easy ways to start meditation before. But, of course we cannot live with one or two sites/apps for such a good idea. is one of those websites.

Meditation is one of the good ways to look inwards and find peace, contentment and ability to actively live life. The benefits are multi fold, and have been crooned over by people associated with all walks of life.

Unfortunately, meditation also came to be associated with religion.

That has introduced many wrong notions about the process, and more often and not, results in being scoffed at by rationalists. The good news – times are a’changing.

More and more people accept that meditation can result in general well being of life. And, that is a good thing.

The older idea

So, let’s say for a moment that you want to check out what exactly is going on the other side – how and where do you start?

The older idea was to of course find the nearest Guru who can imbibe the knowledge. People found religion Gurus, Yoga gurus, and even travelled to the east to find more.

As we learn more and more into the benefits of meditation, we also came to know the “how” and “why” (at a high level, at least) of those benefits. This resulted in better, more modern ways of meditating.

This may be as simple as teaching a child to repeat “I am all right and happy” when anxiety hits her for any reason. Or, may it be an adult just thinking about her breath.

Easy ways to start meditation

The world is way more connected today than it ever was in human history. This makes internet the most powerful mechanism to deliver good ideas, processes, and products that help the general well being of a human. So, why not have meditation delivered the same way?

Many Yoga teachers who initially had been advocating physical presence to learn something the right way changed for the better. They either devised new ways to reach people far and wide, or started indirectly encouraging sharing media that can help others. YouTube has many such videos, and so are many other services.

When I chanced upon HeadSpace, I was indeed amazed by the idea. I could see how many people in the west, and even in the east can subscribe to the idea of meditating by following simple directions. is another such website. review easy ways to start meditation

StopBreatheThink promotes meditation in an easy way. You can choose to use the Android or iOS app, or simply the website to get started.

You register to track your progress, and answer very simple questions (e.g. How do you feel today?) to enable the app to select the meditation practice that is best for you that day.

simple ways of meditating choose what to meditate on

Depending on questions, that day’s meditation can focus on contentment, compassion, encourage calmer thoughts and so forth.

choose ways to meditate using

You can also choose to select your own meditation practice by going through the “List of Meditations” available.

The objectives are simple –

  1. Get aware of what your body and mind are saying, stop and listen to that inner voice (yes there is one, dummy)
  2. Think positive thoughts, and thoughts that reinforce good living
  3. Wish that good living for yourself and for the rest of the world

The benefits are the same. You will be calmer, more focused, and more confident to live life as it should be lived.

Personally though I liked what is being taught here, I have to admit – I was mesmerized by HeadSpace much more. HeadSpace appears more focused on making things simpler, focused and more inward focused.

Try both for yourself and choose the one (or both) that works for you. Headspace has 10 lessons free, while StopBreatheThink is completely free.



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