Are you stuck on repeat?

People tend to live in the past or in the future most of the times. It happens thus –

  • You start thinking a glorious time in the past where you had a good time. You think about all the friends and near ones who were with you and your experience in the situation
  • You would want to plan that for sometime in the near future, and have the same situation repeat

And, you grow increasingly impatient with the present since the present is not “that moment”.

are you stuck on life repeat

These simple thoughts are the ones that are mostly useless and contributing little towards our development. Between the re-living of the past and the hopes for a repeat in future, we completely forget about the present. The present is seen as a bridge from the past to the future, and nothing more.

We are “spending time” thinking about things that are irrelevant now and making yourself unhappy. Of course, we are seeing it wrong.

Re-living the past is not awesome

Life does repeat things for a few situations, and not for others. And, you will see life’s most repeated aspects as boring.

Don’t believe me? What exactly do you think about Rama’s life when all he has to do is be at his 9 to 5 job and enter data in a computer all day long.

I am sure this was exciting sometime back. Rama was learning something about word processing programs, had to learn those keyboard skills to begin with, and looked forward to the day. He had internal competitions with peers to see who keys in the most text with least errors, and also had his monthly pay check to look forward to.

Fast forward 2 years. Rama still keys in the text, but is not quite into it. He has been hating his job because of all the things he does over and over again.

Yes, there are more than quite a number of exciting things than a 9-5 job, but this was to show that we humans do not like go over the same things all the time. One of life’s conundrums is that we don’t like to change, but we don’t like to see repeats.

What can you do instead?

If you have enjoyed a situation and want to see it repeat, just brain-dump it in a to-do list.

If you were really happy about a picnic with friends in the past, set a future date for that picnic and get everyone’s commitment on it. If you enjoyed an adventure, set a date in your calendar to do that again after x months.

After that, you are done with the living in the past and the planning for future. Set aside the thoughts about the past and the future, and start focusing on the present.

Think about what can you do today to enjoy today better?

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