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Planning for the good life in comment section

So, it so happens on one day that I develop an itch to know more about why the government bans Haj subsidy. And, what other kinds of pilgrimages can be banned. You see – although I am quite distant to Godly matters, I tend to develop all kinds of interests. This quest of mine led me to Google News, and …

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Learn to type like a pro

type faster like a pro using keybr

I have been associated with computers for more than two decades now. During this time, I have typed programs, typed posts, typed emails and then typed some more. As you may have guessed by now – it is safe to assume that I have typed a lot during this time. All this typing would have consumed time – ** a …

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Cable prices go north

We received additional à la carte rates for specific TV channels from our cable operator.     While this is quite common for people with DTH services, it is being rolled out to households with cable connections in the last year or so.  You could not miss the advisories on hindi language networks from the people you trust – people …

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Greatest Productivity Booster – Pain?

pavlok productivity booster

There are a million productivity boosters out there, and a gazillion books that tell you the ultimate secret to improve your productive life (including this blog. See, I am sneaky). The end affect – zero, nada, zilch. You end up with the same “I know everything that there is about productivity improvement”, “I am a bit more productive than where …

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Productivity is increasing, what to do with all the extra humans?

Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) in the U.K has recently published that worker productivity has grown by 84 percent since 1970s, while productivity in information communication technology has grown by 480 percent. Cebr also believes that the productivity is slated to go up by 20% by 2020. Read a report of that here. All fantastic statistics I say, …

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