Unglue.it: Liberate eBooks

Unglue.it may be the silent revolution in the world of books. A silent revolution that we have all been waiting for!

Before we understand what Unglue.it does, you have to understand where we are today.

Stay with me with these 3 scenarios.

1. You are a new author

You’re good at writing. You have submitted various articles, short stories and small books to readers, and have received positive feedback.

You want to get your next project started. You are looking forward to earn some money with the book.

But, the competition is intense. You can write and submit a book on Amazon, and be submerged under a heap of books that come in every moment. You don’t know how to get an audience, get them interested, and make money while at it.

2. You are an established author

You proven yourself as a writer. But you are not too happy with the restrictions that your readers are subjected to. You want to release one or more books under less restrictive conditions to your readers.

You also miss the interaction you used to have with your readers. You look forward to write a book that is valued and supported by the reader community.

3. You are an avid reader

You read books through digital media.

You are supportive of initiatives that aim to liberate books from the restrictive licenses in which they are released in.

You’re supportive of new, upcoming authors. You look forward to encourage the authors in their upcoming work through an upfront commitment.

You want to read books on a multiple devices that you have. You want the freedom to quote the authors, and the book, where relevant with an attribution.


Well, if you fall in any of the above categories, you are in luck. Unglue.it is your nirvana.

Unglue.it frees books – eBooks in particular.

It provides a platform to –

  • Distribute created eBooks under Creative Commons license. Ask for reader’s contribution
  • Set a per-copy price and an earning goal. Liberate the book after reaching the goal
  • Start a campaign to create a new book, and accept pledge from readers. Release the book, and get paid

Unglue.it has simple tasks to do, but does those tasks efficiently. It has novel objectives –

(v. t.) 1. To pay an author or publisher for publishing a Creative Commons ebook.
(v. t.) 2. To make a digital book free to read and use, worldwide.
(v. t.) 3. To make it legal for a digital book to be used, distributed, archived and preserved by libraries.
(v. t.) 4. For an author or publisher, to accept a fixed amount of money from the public for its unlimited use of an ebook.
(v. t.) 5. To make your favorite books free to everyone on earth.
(v. t.) 6. To reward authors and publishers for sharing books with the world.

(source: Unglue.it)

In summary, Unglue.it helps frees eBooks and gets authors a good platform for earning money from their work.

Creative Commons enables anyone to read the eBook on multiple devices, or at multiple places (websites, libraries etc.)

The author makes money from her work. The book reaches more people in its original form, and even more people through derivative works.

There are websites that do all this in some shape and form. Unglue.it is unique in the way it is laid out to accomplish a nifty goal in the most efficient manner.


Go ahead, liberate eBooks.

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