What PK teaches you about embracing change?

PK is causing quite a sensation.

There are daily/hourly calls from all and sundry from the religious right to boycott the movie. There are acts of vandalism in the movie halls, and a general sense of “something is wrong with the movie because the leaders are saying so”.

pk is good for you

I saw PK last weekend, and was not quite impressed.

Yes, it is better as compared to the average hindi movie. Yes, it has a message (for people who are into that kind of thing). And yes, it has a few scenes here and there that leave an impression (for the naughty: no, that does not include dancing cars – that is just puerile).

Controversies are abound, there are more than few people amazed and upset over anything that is said, or unsaid. I quote Einstein – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”, but that may be just me.

But, PK does have a few lessons hidden about change –

1. Challenge status quo

There are a few things you are doing today because “they were always done in that way”.

That is the time to play a RPG (Roll Playing Game, for newbies). Imagine yourself as an alien from an outside planet, and look at what you are doing with eyes wide open.

What do you see? Are you doing something because your seniors/friends/boss told you so? Challenge yourself to change that situation.

2. Majority does not always do the right thing

If a majority follows something, it does not automatically become right.

People follow a certain way because of their own constraints or external pressure. You are not called smart when you blindly follow that way in spite of clear indication that it is sub optimal or plan doesn’t work.

3. Belief systems may not match up to facts

Cross check your beliefs to what works, or not.

Challenge those beliefs. See whether you have stuck with what worked before, while the underlying facts and framework have changed.

4. Don’t stop experimenting

Don’t stop when things work in a certain way the first time. Know that things may work in a certain way at a particular instance in time because of the law of probability.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting time and again – after all that is what life is about.

5. Be compassionate

People behave like absolute idiots when you decide to stand apart. Know that they are afraid for themselves and about the upcoming change when they see somebody challenging the today’s world.

Prepare people for change, you will find one or two souls who will listen, and take your message to others. Be firm, but don’t push people away. Be tough, but don’t abandon the people.

6. Don’t be afraid to stand out

Even when most people become upset with what you do, there will be some secret admirers who will be amazed by what you are doing.

You do your good deed, change your life and that of others for the better. And people come to appreciate that though it does take time to get those fantastic results.

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