What’s your excuse today?

You set goals in life. You slice those goals to keep it achievable in humanly trackable times. You stay motivated to achieve the goals, and you continuously adapt to changes while meeting those goals. And then, you something fail to meet those goals.

It happens to me a lot of times. I have a long way in getting that burning focus towards my own goals. But when I do fail, the first thing I tended to do was to find excuses for the failure.

1. Why did I fail to get the grades?
I could not focus on studies because the education system is antiquated.

2. Why am I not earning enough money?
My boss does not give me a raise. The conditions are so bad in this economic scenario that it is impossible to earn more money in a straight job or in business.

3. Why am I not peaceful today?
There is no time for leisure, my work keeps me busy without break. No money = no happiness = no peace.

And so on..

I don’t expect myself to succeed all the time. I am motivated towards my goals, but there are a lot of instances where I question the end objectives, and the motivation factors.

I fail to meet my goals, and that is perfectly all right with me.

But when I do fail, why do I find excuses? Why should I blame other people, circumstances and the whole universe for my failure?

It’s only human

It is human to make excuses.

It is in the nature of our very existence to find faults in situation, in others around us rather than ourselves. This excuses us from feeling inferior and bad about our failures.

The excuses come in handy to blame things that are supposedly not in our control.

.. because the education system does not help me, I did not score well.

.. because the economic situation is not well, I cannot earn more money.

.. because my job is killing me, I cannot be peaceful.

We find it much more easy in our conversations with the world, and within ourselves to invoke these reasons to justify our failures.

And, it does work a lot of times. The world forgives us, our friends forgive us, and we even forgive ourselves.

So, we make it a habit to make excuses for those failures. It becomes second nature to look for excuses even while “doing” the job so that we can easily escape from the failures later on.

In a way, those excuses move us to the dark side.

The way out

So, how do we come out of this “make an excuse for the day” thinking?

It is quite easy in fact. Just follow a few simple guidelines to change the way you think and act.

1. Be responsible

However small or big the goal may be, how so ever difficult the job is, YOU are responsible.

Show that responsibility in each and every plan you make, every decision you take, and in each task that you do. Once you accept that responsibility you find for things to change to push towards success. You just don’t have time to create excuses for failures. Failure is your responsibility too, and you will not make it happen.

2. Expend your energy in overcoming failures

Instead of planning on whom and what to blame for failures, plan to overcome the failures. Anticipate failures, and plan to mitigate them.

3. Accept things for what they are

There will be always things that are not in your control. Plan for how to work around to success in spite of them.

You will see that world is a supportive place once you spread your enthusiasm for success. You will change the situation to your benefit rather than see it as a blocking factor that always goes against you.

4. Accept that you can fail

Failures are not a bad thing. Even in cases of careful planning, execution and monitoring, you may get to a point where the job at hand cannot be successfully completed.

This is life after all, not all things are in control. And, that’s what makes life interesting to live.

When you fail, accept that there is a failure. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. You have learnt the lesson and so did others. Imbibe those lessons in your next task and keep in living.

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Be averse to make excuses. Once that burden is out of the way, you will see that you can always impact a task positively – no matter how hard it is.



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