prakarma is a window to life, its good moments and its idiosyncrasies. prakarma is about self, which is universe itself. prakarma is living itself, which is about expending and gaining karma – all at the same time. Well, prakarma is all that and also a window to the interesting things that makes up life, a few interesting tidbits about living, and the good and not-so-good aspects of living. It is about technology for the benefit of mankind, things around us that impact us deeply and optimising living.



Prashanth Krishnamurthy

prashanth.krishnamurthy Prashanth Krishnamurthy blogs about life and CRM, and is interested in Technology, Web Development, Optimizing Life, and Writing. This is him gone all crazy with the writing. Hopefully, all the damage it does is a small headache, annoyance at no one in particular and a few bucks spent on nothing. Prashanth has nothing intelligent offer, so there is no need to follow him. But you could visit the facebook page and dislike it. (ha ha!). like prakarma Or, know as less information possible about me.




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