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I am a big fan of feed aggregators. You not only get to read what is going on the big bad world from all your preferred sources, but you end up reading more, saving a lot more time, and pick and choose articles that you really want to read. This becomes an addiction (a rather good one, I must say) and mavens in particular cannot afford to live without these. But there are a lot of feed readers out there, how exactly does one choose one? This brings us to the basics, what indeed is the expectation from feed readers/aggregators:

  • Easy to add new content, read through the content. Of course this is what the definition for a feed aggregator is for
  • Support for multiple devices and platforms. You should have the freedom to read 10 articles on your tablet and go back to desktop to find that you indeed have read those 10 articles
  • Easy to read content. Yes, this is a repeat to underline the importance of the subject

Feed readers come in various shapes and forms. Starting from TheOldReader, FeedReader and the ability to aggregate/read feeds from the browser, through Flipboard, which takes a magazine-like approach to show content, there is a reader out there that is perfect for everyone. The reader of choice for me is Feedly.


Feedly is just beautiful. It enables all the functions of a good aggregator and remains in the background, and not intervene with the reading experience. You get to:

  • Add content, categorize content under headers
  • Share content with friends or to mark content that has to be researched into
  • View content and mark them read across devices

Feedly started as a phone/tablet reader, but now enables the desktop experience through the website. At the time of demise of Google Reader (I am a former fan), Feedly rightly snatched the opportunity to expand into newer spaces. And boy, has it worked.

  • Feedly enables you to add new feeds by directly adding websites or by using the tags that others have used. You end up discovering more interesting sites in this way

  • Save articles for reading later – either in Feedly itself or using Pocket, Instapaper, or Evernote
  • Share articles on Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also define your own custom sharing options in the Pro version
  • Choose to read in magazine, list of grid format
  • Choose your device and platform – based on Android, iOS, Windows and more
  • No in your face ads about the pro version and how it can save the world

Thanks Feedly! May you help lot of beleaguered souls in the quest for the right information.


What is your opinion on feed aggregator? What is your choice to sort out the world?

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