Get the bigger picture

The last scene of DreamWorks’ 1998 movie Antz is rather interesting. Not because Z wins against a totalitarian society (yes, that is expected) but because of the way our context is taken to a whole new level. After about 60 min of dwelling on the various difficulties and what not in the ant society, the viewer is now made to realize the true picture. The bigger picture is of course is way simple – the ants are living, fighting and dying for a tiny piece of land that would take at most 30 seconds for a human to cross.

Humans live for an infitesimal time when compared with the rest of the universe. This is not to say that humans are insignificant (which they probably are), but the sphere of their influence is extremely extremely small. In this small duration of time, fellow human, do not despair from failures. Learn your lessons, pickup the threads, and start running again. Make life happier for yourself and to others around you, and that is the only thing that counts when the world just moves on to the next insignificant conflict that gets everyone so worked up.

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