Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - An Ok Read

I would not have probably considered to pick up “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” if I had not been spending time on Kindle Unlimited. In all honesty, I am still undecided whether that would be a good or bad thing.

To give all credit to the author, Rashmi Bansal does a good job of meeting a lot of ‘A-list’ entrepreneurs and getting their life journeys, their version of the story and mixes that well with the facts on the ground. Her passion to outline stories from 25 IIM-A alumni, who did not become a ‘slave to the corporate’ world, err.. works.


The list of successful people covered in Stay Hungry Stay Foolish includes who’s who of the entrepreneur club including Sanjeev Bikhchandani (, Shantanu Prakash (Educomp) and lesser known ventures that a lazy person like me wouldn’t know.

I had a ball of the time reading through the first 100 pages or so (my default device was my mobile phone, YMMV). For a few moments there I experienced their thrill of starting new ventures, was in awe & captivated at their gritty determination and, in general, enjoyed a virtual entrepreneurial journey.

The best read for me was the story of Narendra Murkumbi (Shree Renuka Sugars) – an old-world business for a new age entrepreneur and their business is huge.

But then, the stories became repetitive – I marveled more at my feverish turning of pages (or swiping the screen) rather than the story unraveling in front of me. I became less and less patient of the text that went into the nitty-gritty’s and I probably missed a gem or two somewhere.

At the end of the day, reading this book is a fairly good use of your time. ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ showcasees some good entrepreneurial stories and how people transformed themselves and their companies.

My quick recommendation – pick up this book if you are still wondering about how crazy are entrepreneurs. The book is a quick read over a weekend and y’all be a-ok.

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