Getting out of failure

To fail is to human. But, what makes you a better human is how you get out of failure.

I don’t expect myself or others around me to succeed all the time. I am motivated towards my goals, but there seem to be always these instances where I have not worked smart enough to be successful, or change the goals to be more relevant for the times.

I have failed to meet my goals, and I am not quite happy about it. I think of myself as being a “successful failure” when I don’t find excuses for my failure, and not blame my circumstances.

Below should be my key focus areas at any stage of the game.

1. Be responsible

However small or big the goal may be, no matter how difficult the job is, I am responsible. This is reflected in every plan I make, every decision, and in each task I do.

Once I accept that responsibility you find for things to change to push towards success. I just don’t have time to find excuses for failures.

2. Expend energy in the right direction

Anticipate failures and how I can mitigate them. There should always be a plan B.

Once I stop meeting KPIs, either I flex the plan to change for the better, or turn the knobs/buttons to adjust execution. Either ways, the goal is to start moving in the right direction.

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