The Universe and I

Imagining myself as part of the universe, or as the universe itself is fascinating by itself. The thinking that “Everyone and everything is pure conciousness” has its appeal.

Even with that as the backdrop, the below picture is interesting.

Even with that thinking in the background, I could not easily comprehend the simple fact outlined by the graphic below.


On one side you have neurons connected to one another in a complex pattern, and making the brain tick. On the other side of the picture you have star systems spread out in the vastness of the galaxy. They appear to light up the sky, but do not consume the whole of darkness.

Is this -

  • Ability of human brain to see a pattern where none exists
  • Coincidence
  • Nature repeating itself - from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy

I may never know the right answer, but it makes for some amazing thought experiments.

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