Get out of your own hell

You create your own hell. Change and improving yourself is the key to unlock the door, and get out. Don’t get accustomed to your own hell, don’t for a moment believe that the hell is life. You can do far better.

You create your hell. The world around you helps.

Any hell, any perceived helplessness is your own creation. Yes, there are times where the whole world appears to be stacked against you. Yes, things can be quite difficult.

But, getting out of difficult situations is what we do. We continually seek happiness and what better way than changing for the better. There are hundreds or thousands of simple ways to solve the problem. Look around, get a new perspective, and have the will to live better.

Notice the change around you.

World’s always-a-changing. Don’t fail to notice that change. You must be knowing the frog in the boiling water story. No?

Pick a frog, place it in boiling water - it will jump up instantly. Instead, place the frog in warm water. Slowly increase the temperature and see the frog calmly facing the vapour when the water boils.

Change introduced slowly may not be noticeable, but is not necessarily helping you. But, change is also not your enemy. Just do not ignore change. Notice the world around you. Look for situations that benefit you, beware of the negatives that may potentially impact you.

Any situation is temporary

I am a firm believer in perception shaping my own life. Any constraint is my own creation. You may create certain constraints for yourself during tougher times. But it is important to test those constraints time and again.

You must have heard this story about the baby elephant.

The elephant calf is tied to a stem of a tree by a rope. The calf tries it really hard to get away. He wants to be in any place other than tied to a stupid tree. He pulls in all directions but the rope does not give away. Next, he pushes the tree really hard, but the tree does not give away. Now he tries to climb it, but nature does not help him.

So, he resigns to his situation. He meets his parents when they are back from work, plays with other elephants when he is free, and silently talks to his friend, the tree, at remaining times. As the time goes on, the elephant is perceived to be harmless and is tied to a piece of wood stuck in the ground. The elephant calf sees the rope and does nothing.

As with all elephants, the calf grows to become a strong adult with a big trunk and a tusk. The rope meanwhile has weathered many a pull and has grown weak. The elephant, however, remains tied to the tree day after day. He does not even move a muscle when he is tied to the tree.


The elephant had a situation here that it could not overcome. But that situation was dead. Even the gentlest of the tugs from the elephant would have given him the freedom to roam around the forest, but he remains committed to his older self.

Likewise it is likely that you may have far outgrown the constraints. They are just holding you back while they can.

Change your perspective

I am not talking about putting yourself in the larger perspective, but more about the right perspective.

Can you read the morning news paper by holding it one centimetre from your eyes? But you do appreciate the beautiful words (?) when held at the right distance.

Look at life’s perils in the same way. Measure the entire length, breadth and depth of the constraint, and hell, that is today. You know you are larger than the current situation by the mere act of that measurement. The act by itself gives you enough data to know when you will get away from that constraint, and how.

Self-improvement may be many things you hate to do. But it is the one thing that you will come to love, the end objective is worth your time & energy. By just putting yourself in the right place, you are able to get out of any tough situation.

Life a happy life through continuous change & improvement.

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