How to deal with grief?

Grief is as guaranteed in life as happiness is. Some people would even go the extent of saying that you will not enjoy happiness ‘fully’ without going through grief (wrong claim, but I digress). Dealing with death is arguable the worst time of anyone’s life. So, how do you cope with it? Or, how do the people around the affected person cope?

In a recent article on lifehacker the message of dealing with grief was laid out in a thought-provoking way. I am sure you will not find all answers there, but this is one of the good places to start if you are coping with grief.


No matter how large the problem or issue seems at a certain point in life do believe in yourself and in the power of context. If you look back in times of grief, it always seems that you jump from one problem to the next all through life.

But remember, the grief is very valid but to the current context. In the bigger context, all of us live and die in an incredibly short timeframe. For a rock on the mountain, or for a sentient planet we look as flickering light that fades away before any meaningful conversation can be made.

Understand at a deeper level that grief is part of life, understand that acceptance of that is not passivity but acceptance of a few inevitable facts that are not always in your control. Deal with grief, help others deal with grief, and look forward to a meaningful life.

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