I always have time

“I don’t have this for this”, seems to be one of my favourite sentences on some days.

The mythical time crunch seems to pop out on any day and in response to anyone -

  • “How about learning this new course/technology/easier way to do stuff?”
  • “Would you help out in my new venture?”
  • “Learn to be fit by doing these simple exercises for 30 min each day”

I have come to realize that most of the times when I say I don’t have time is because -

  1. I don’t like the change
  2. I don’t like to get into situations that make me uncomfortable
  3. I am unwilling to put in the work since I am lazy
  4. I am afraid of commitment

This simply is ridiculous.


I am going to break this habit. I will make a genuine effort to outline to myself and others on why I will not do certain things.

Lack of time is simply not a reason that should exist. I have all the time in the world to the right thing.

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