Why live?

Why live? Why do we go on struggling with life on a daily, or on a minute-by-minute basis? If we remember the bad and sad parts of life more than the happier instances, what makes us go on living as if there is a better tomorrow?

Do you ask yourself these questions or run to a guru to know more? Almost everyone tends to ask these during the times of difficulties or grief, and most of that recedes to the background when situations change. If that is not the case with you, congratulations – you are probably on your way to become a philosopher or a spiritualist.

The best answer that I can give you is no answer. For people who are not passionate about anything or associate themselves with a central idea - probably the answer always lies out there. However, a lot of smart people have thrown around a lot of good ideas, and these ideas should be the starting point of your own opinion about living your own life.

I see a few main themes in living life.


Specifically, the reality of the physical world. You live because you happened and you intend to be.

Animals get the survival instinct at birth and it’s tad difficult to remove one’s life from one self (we will get to the self question some other time).

Despite the difficulties with life, the grief, the innumerable times you thought about dying and other hindrances of life, you go on ‘living’. There is an inherent fear of dying, and that is one of the objectives in life. However bleak the future looks, there is always light (or perceived light) at the end of the tunnel. Beyond life there is nothing, so you will control what you can in the living state.


You live to satisfy God’s wish, and you die when he wishes. You should spend more time with God to know your life’s purpose. You are asking this question because He wished it.

Western philosophy

“Why live?” is not the right question. Arrive at the right question.

Hindu philosophy

The question “Why live?” is meaningless. Turn inward to find meaning of the whole universe. I, You and Universe are the same (or, there may be an ‘I’ and a ‘Universe’). That will ultimately answer the question of life. Did you just think someone will hand the answer over to you? Don’t just stand (or sit) there, get to the discovery.

Rather Good Philosophy

The question “Why live?” is rather meaningless. Live this moment in the fullest. Have a purpose, have goals that are not materialistic in nature, work towards those goals, find inner peace and happiness, do not fear the future.

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