Right to Die

People are afraid of death. Religions deplore and dissuage suicidal thoughts. People who choose dying over living are called “cowards”, and the “brave” fight for life against all odds. But, to what purpose?

Living is a precious gift

life is a gift

You live and enjoy things that you can, or cannot control. You love people around you, and get loved. Life is hope, and hope for a better future for yourself and the people around you is a good thing. Life symbolises happiness - to be full of life is a deep appreciation of the way of life and something to be proud of. In spite of all that goodness, you die one some day. Death is one of the very few things guaranteed in life, and no one can take away that right. The variable is not whether whether there will be death in one’s life, but only the time left between now and death. For most of the mortals that is not something that can be known, or controlled.

Death plays havoc with life’s plans. No matter how comprehensive the plans are, there comes death one day and all the plans, wishes and desires are crushed. At the same time, one is always afraid to “not plan”. Not planning can be considered irresponsible by most standards pervalent today.

Death may come tomorrow or when one is aged a 100 years. But, one cannot possibly remain productive for the entire life span, so plans are made for sustenance (Retirement plans, 401k plans etc) and that is a big deal. Sustenance is big business and the only reason it will become bigger is because one cannot (or does not want to) plan death.

The Right to Die

Although death cannot be a happy thing for us, the right to die in a dignified way when one wishes to should also become a fundamental right of a human being. This is not a discourse to embrace death as a solution for all problems, but as an option that can be exercised at the right time. The right instant of the time is up to the individual to decide - that time may be when life when realization about a life’s lack of purpose, life becomes tiring due to health, age or any other reasons, or anything else really. Animals degrade over time, and humans are no exception. So, why not put an expiry date on the body? Why prolong the suffering when (arugably) a more decent option is for the choosing?

my life my death

Death by choice is an often debated subject and I would think it has to be a natural progression for a human society. However it has far-reaching and profound implications on how humans live, and die. To live, and to continue living, is accepted and hailed as the right thing to do.

Even in the face of imminent death due to horrific, violent diseases and suffering, to continue living is considered brave and the right way of living. Death is always the dark side and to be afraid of it is all but natural. Life and continuing life is a victory at each moment - victory that lets you be in control. Life is survival, and you struggle to survive, and to be in control of destiny. Death is letting that control slip away.

But the real question to ask will also be how much of life is one controlling at any given time. Suffering due to terminal diseases is one aspect that is against it, but so is the utter helplessness due to sheer degradation of quality of life over time.

Allowing death by option is not only detrimental to how we think about living today, but also to the beliefs we have cultivated since time immemorial. When you allow death to take over and ease human conciousness, the purpose for one’s life will be a bigger question than never before.

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