Apply brakes in life

One of the constants in life is the clamor for growth. One wants more money, more power, better health, more knowledge or more peace (if there is such a thing), and this is linearly tagged to time. The constant perusal of to satisfy the need will drive one further down in time, and for the majority, that is the main purpose in life. Ambitions and finite goals are faces of this quantified need.

Purpose is not a bad thing at all, far from it.

Having a purpose and working towards it will provide tremendous satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment in life. One gets to taste successes, cope with failures, learn lessons and move on.

While working towards your purpose, however, you need to keep an eye on the pace. The pace has to be just right. It should not be so slow that you lose sight of the ambition and purpose, and not too fast to cause damage.

Working towards the set goal at a furious pace will remove you from the joys of living. Yes, it is certainly important to reach the goals, but it is more important to enjoy the journey. Accelerating the pace of work with a single-minded focus while ignoring all aspects will cause tunnel vision.


Tunnel vision does not allow you to look at the scenery, absorb the goodness of environment, and breathe in the air rushing at you. You don’t spend time talking to near and dear ones, may seldom be thankful to who you are and what you are today and take moments to reflect every now and then.

Ease on the accelerator, apply brakes a bit and it may even help you realign to a different set of priorities.

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